Center for Information and Public Relations (CIP)

CIP digitizes a wide array of academic research resources relating to human culture and facilitates their access to universities and researchers worldwide. NIHU’s materials, including information about its researchers and research results, are now easily accessible. CIP strengthens interactive communication with the public and aims to help society with its research results.

Information Division

CIP operates an ever-expanding shared access platform, a researcher database, and a research results database (NIHU repository). Extensive searches are possible through databases that provide access to a wide range of humanities-related research data that NIHU has amassed. CIP continues to develop, operate, introduce, and promote the use of search systems and analytical tools that facilitate sharing of research resources relating to human culture and advance collaboration within Japan and internationally.

For the resources developed by the Information Division, see here.


Public Relations Division

In addition to aggregating information on trends and results from humanities research and NIHU’s extensive collection of research resources, CIP aims to give back to society in ways that benefit researchers as well as the global community. To facilitate broader access to its information, CIP organizes public relations activities by publishing research data, organizing public symposiums, holding regular press conferences, and promoting industry-academic collaboration.

These activities aim to convey the significance and benefits of humanities study and the ways in which greater understanding of human cultures enrich everyday lives. CIP also organizes international seminars and symposiums in Japan and overseas that share information on Japanese culture and the latest trends in research on Japan.


NIHU Newsletter

The National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU) publishes an e-newsletter called the NIHU Newsletter (Japanese only).

This newsletter, which is sent directly to subscribers’ e-mail inboxes, delivers information about exhibitions, symposiums, and other events planned by the National Institutes for the Humanities, as well as the National Museum of Japanese History, the National Institute of Japanese Literature, the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, and the National Museum of Ethnology.

  • Publishing cycle: Approximately once a month
  • Subscription fee: Free of charge
  • Delivery format: Text format (same as regular e-mails)

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For Press and Media Inquiries

CIP is the point of contact for all media-related inquiries, including inquiries about NIHU’s research activities and social outreach programs, interview requests, and consultations about broadcast program production.

To strengthen the networks with the working media, CIP organizes regular round-table discussions with members of the media.

Next time Round Table Discussions

Date: September 26th , 2018
(1) AMANO Masashi (Associate Professor, Rekihaku)
(2) EBINA Yuichi(Associate Professor, International Institute for Disaster Science, Tohoku University)

Past Round Table Discussions

Date: January 26th , 2018
(1) HIRAKAWA Minami(Executive Director, NIHU)
(2) IMAMURA Fumihiko(Professor, Tohoku University)
(3) OKUMURA Hiroshi (Professor, Kobe University)
(4) NISHITANI Masaru (Professor, Rekihaku)

Date: October 12th , 2017
(1) ARAKAWA Shoji(Professor, Rekihaku)
(2) KOYAMA Junko(Associate Professor, NIJL)

Date: June 1st , 2016
(1) HIDAKA Kaori(Professor, Rekihaku)
(2) OTOMO Kazuo(Professor, NIJL)

Date: January 13th, 2016
(1) BUGAEVA Anna(Associate Professor, NINJAL)
(2) ISHIKAWA Satoshi(Associate Professor, RIHN)

Date: October 6th, 2015
(1) ISHIGAMI Aki (Assistant Professor, Nichibunken)
(2) KIKUCHI Naoki(Associate Professor, RIHN)
(3) FUJIMOTO Toko(Associate Professor at Minpaku)

Date: July 8th, 2015
(1) OKUBO Junichi (Professor, Rekihaku)
(2) IMANISHI Yuichiro (Director-General, NIJL)
(3) KIBE Nobuko (Deputy Director-General, NINJAL)


CIP Director
NAGAMURA MakotoNIHU Executive Director

CIP Vice-Director
LEE SungsiNIHU Executive Director

Information Division
NAGAMURA MakotoHead of the Information Division
OUCHI HidenoriProject Associate Professor

Public Relations Division
NAGAMURA MakotoHead of the Public Relations Division