Mission, Vision and History

Mission and Vision

The six inter-university research institutes that make up NIHU operate as international centers of excellence in their respective fields as they deepen basic research, in collaboration with universities, other research institutes, and researchers in Japan and overseas, as well as conduct interdisciplinary research transcending the confines of research fields. In addition to supporting the activities of these six institutes, the NIHU headquarters connect institutes inside and outside NIHU, thus promoting the construction of research resources and new researchers that transcend disciplines and organizations.


As the only inter-university research institute corporation for the humanities, NIHU’s mission is to comprehensively explore humanity and its cultures, and through this exploration, to ask what true abundance is, to promote harmony between nature and humanity, and to contribute to the survival and coexistence of humankind.


To realize its mission, in the NIHU’s Fourth Mid-term Plan Period (FY2022-2027), NIHU aims to explore various social issues related to the diversity of human culture and social dynamics, try to solve them, and present new values and humanities knowledge that will serve as guidelines for the formation of a future society in which people and nature live in harmony and where science, technology, and humanity coexist. To achieve this, the Center for Innovative Research was established in April 2022 with the aim of forming new knowledge open to society. Based on the philosophy of open humanities research through co-creation with various people in Japan and overseas, the center continues to build a research platform using digital technology, promote joint research through that platform, and work on the formation of a “Knowledge Forum” as a place for exchange and collaboration with various people in society and the formation of an international network.

Center for Innovative Research(CIR)


History of the Presidency

Term of office: April 1, 2022~
KIBE Nobuko

Term of office: April 1, 2018~March 31, 2022

Term of office: April 1, 2014~March 31, 2018

Term of office: April 1, 2008~March 31, 2014
KINDA Akihiro

Term of office: April 1, 2004~March 31, 2008