The NIHU International Prize in Japanese Studies 2023 Call for Nominations

Guidelines for Nomination for Fifth (2023) NIHU International Prize in Japanese Studies

Nomination Form Form2 (English) Form3 (Japanese)



1. Objective

The Inter-University Research Institute Corporation National Institutes for the Humanities (hereinafter, “NIHU”) established the NIHU International Prize in Japanese Studies in January 2019 with cooperation from the Kuraray Foundation. This award is aimed at not only promoting the international development of Japanese studies, but also deepening and boosting the comprehension of Japanese culture.

The prize is awarded to a researcher based overseas who has achieved outstanding academic achievements in Japanese literature, language, history, folklore, ethnology, environment, and other fields in the Humanities, and who has made a significant contribution to the international development of Japanese studies, and honors his/her performance.

2. Eligible fields

The prize is awarded to studies in fields related to Japan and the humanities, including literature, linguistics, history, folklore, ethnology, and environmental studies.

3. Number of laureates: 1

The laureate of the prize will be presented with a certificate of merit, a trophy and a cash prize of 20,000 U.S. dollars.

The laureate will also be invited to the presentation ceremony to be held in Japan (planned in December 2023) and a commemorative lecture meeting will also be held.

Round-trip airfare to and from Japan will also be provided for the laureate and his/her partner, with an additional 500,000 yen for the cost of two persons’ stay in Japan.

4. Eligible persons

1) The prize is granted to a researcher based outside of Japan who has greatly contributed to the international development of Japanese studies by making an outstanding academic achievement in one of the eligible fields shown in Section 2.
*In addition to researchers residing outside of Japan, eligible persons also include those who have a track record in research activities based outside of Japan.
*No restrictions according to nationality.

2) Persons who were nominated for the prize in the past remain eligible for three years (three times including the one when they were nominated), in principle.

5. Right to nominate

A nomination for no more than one nominee for the prize will be accepted by the following organizations. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

1) Universities (nominations from faculties and equivalent institutions are accepted), inter-university research institutes, academic associations, and similar institutions in Japan that are related to studies in the humanities.

2) Overseas universities and similar institutions that have concluded an agreement with NIHU or one of the six inter-university research institutes of NIHU (National Museum of Japanese History, National Institute of Japanese Literature, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, and National Museum of Ethnology).

 Persons who hold the right to nominate are as follows.

  [Organizations in Japan]: Deans of related faculties, graduate schools and research institutions as well as heads of inter-university research institutes, academic associations and similar institutions.

  [Organizations overseas]: Heads of universities (or faculties, departments, etc.) and research institutions related to Japanese studies.

6. How to nominate

Fill in the Nomination Form (separate form), affix the official seal of the head of the organization (a signature is also accepted in the case of a university or similar institution overseas) on the form, and submit it to the address below in “11. Where to submit the nomination documents”.

* Please note that the form to be used for the nomination differs between Organizations in Japan and Organizations overseas as shown in the table below.

Location of  Form to be used 
 Organizations in Japan   Form 1
 Organizations Overseas   Form 2 (English) or Form 3 (Japanese) 

7. Deadline

 Tuesday, June 13, 2023
  By postal mail: Tuesday, June 13, 2023 (postmarked)
  By email: No later than Tuesday, June 13 17:00, 2023 (JST)