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Handling of Personal Information

In principle personal information will not be used for any purpose other than that stated at the time of its collection. However, there are cases where individual persons are not identified, such as for statistical purposes, in which personal information may be used. Please read here for information regarding this institute’s handling of personal information.


The NIHU website may be freely linked to provided that the following rules are understood and abided by. In principle, please link to the front page ( of this website. Links to other pages may be lost in the future.

(1) Clearly state that the link is to the NIHU website.

(2) Link requests from the following types of websites will be refused.

  • Websites providing information that may be illegal.
  • Websites providing information that is obscene or may go against social ethics.
  • Websites that obscure the existence of this website by placing this website's contents in a frame or window or such on their own website.
  • This organization will bear absolutely no responsibility for any trouble that occurs, including problems arising from compensation for damages, as a result of linking to this website.
  • Contact us by the contact form in advance, when you use the contents of this website by print media, CD-ROM, etc.
  • The banner shown below may also be used as deemed necessary.

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This institute shall bear no responsibility for any actions carried out by people using information from this website. For websites linking to this institute’s website, disclaimers are according to each such website’s policy.


This website may change or remove content without prior notice. Your understanding is appreciated.

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