Network-based projects: NIHU Area Studies

Northeast Asia

Main theme: Regional Structure and Its Change in Northeast Asia: In Search of the Way to Coexist from the Point of View of Transborderism

"Northeast Asia" comprises of Japan, China, Russia, Mongolia, South Korea and North Korea and this concept is important in tackling issues confronted by each country This project maps out a vision for coexistence within Northeast Asia through understanding various phenomena surrounding crossing borders. It examines causes of social and economic conflicts and searches for meaningful solutions to issues occurring among these nations.

Project names



Center for Northeast Asian Area Studies


Kazunobu Ikeya

Slavic-Eurasian Research Center

Hokkaido University

Akihiro Iwashita

Center for Northeast Asian Studies

Tohoku University

Satoshi Chiba

Center for Far Eastern Studies

University of Toyama

Jun Ma

Institute for North East Asian Research

The University of Shimane

Xiao Dong Li

Waseda Institute of Contemporary Chinese Studies

Waseda University

Rumi Aoyama


Modern Middle East

Main theme:Towards a Pluralistic and Multi-Valued Society: People and Cultures of the Middle East in the Age of Global Change

This project examines how individuals in the Middle East obtain information, accumulate knowledge and utilize them as resources in an age of global transformations of the environment, society, and media. We study how individuals relate to the world, at the ways social spaces are created, and at the manners in which individuals relate to them, inclusively or exclusively, based on their diverse values.



Project names



Center for Modern Middle East Studies


Tetsuo Nishio

Middle East and Islamic Studies, Research
Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and

Tokyo University of
Foreign Studies

Nobuaki Kondo

Center for Islamic Studies

Sophia University

Masayuki Akahori

Center for Islamic Area Studies

Kyoto University

Yasushi Tonaga

Graduate School of International Resource Sciences

Akita University

Hikari Fujii


South Asia

Main theme:Structural transformation in globalizing South Asia – Integrated area studies for sustainable, inclusive and peaceful development

This project fosters an in-depth understanding of contemporary South Asia and its future prospects by focusing on society, culture, politics, economy, and the environment through interdisciplinary and long-term approaches. By incorporating insights of area specialists we aim to work on real-world problems in this region and find solutions for a sustainable, inclusive and peaceful development of the region.

Project names



Integrated Area Studies on South Asia (INDAS)

Kyoto University

Koichi Fujita (Chief representative) Tatsuro Fujikura (Facility representative)



Minoru Mio


The University of Tokyo

Akio Tanabe


Hiroshima University

Kazuo Tomozawa


Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Toshie Awaya


Ryukoku University

Mitsuya Dake