Co-creation Outreach - NIHU "Digital Humanities" (DH) Projects


NIHU "Digital Humanities" (DH) Projects

Since 2022, NIHU has conducted a six-year project placing priority on the promotion of Digital Humanities (DH).
NIHU sees DH not only as the application of digital technologies to diverse fields and methods in the humanities; but also as the action of a place where scholars and other members of society from different fields come together for interdisciplinary discussion and co-create new research fields and research platforms. For NIHU, the projects form the infrastructure on which to create knowledge for the next generation. In FY 2023, NIHU has launched an office for the promotion of the digital humanities and play a unique role in the international advancement of DH research.


Key Activities

・ Digitalizing and making available research resources for humanities research held by the NIHU’s six institutes and other research organizations in Japan.

・ Compiling the above research resources into databases to make them searchable.

・ Developing a platform to support efforts such as the standardization of data formats, inter-database coordination, and rights management to make the databases publicly available.

・ Providing and sharing the established research platforms to integrate different disciplines and propel the team research projects of domestic and international research institutes.

・ Utilizing DH to promote the preservation, analysis, and exchange of new knowledge by scholars in Japan in the context of humanities research.



nihuBridge is a portal site for sharing and utilizing diverse research resources disseminated by NIHU and its constituent institutes.
The website — released as a new platform offering an overview of the achievements of the NIHU institutes — is an updated version of the NIHU Integrated Retrieval System (nihuINT), originally developed as a product of the research resource-sharing promotion project. nihuBridge not only allows users to acquire datasets and collect information by searching and cross-referencing databases but also provides information from directories and APIs.
From here on, NIHU aims to further advance nihuBridge, by enhancing the connection between its knowledge information, and develop the website into a platform for promoting data utilization.


Advanced Visualization System for Humanities Research Output

This is a system for visualizing academic paper information related to research results in the humanities. By analyzing the body text of academic papers and other publications published in institutional repositories, mapping them by chronological and institutional categories from keywords, and displaying the relevance of topics between papers, it offers a new approach to discovering and utilizing research results.


Resource Guide for Japanese studies and humanities in Japan

This is a URL directory (link collection) that organizes web pages that are sources of information on Japanese humanities and Japanese studies by subject category. It collects and records pages that are in English, providing a comprehensive overview of the international dissemination of humanities research in Japan.