NIHU Concludes Academic Exchange Agreement with France’s School for Advanced Studies in the Social Science


On October 7, 2016, the National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU) and France’s School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) concluded an Agreement for Academic Exchange and Cooperation, as well as a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the establishment of a NIHU liaison office on EHESS campus under that agreement.

From left, NIHU President, Narifumi Tachimoto,and EHESS President, Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur.

The Agreement has been concluded to pursue academic exchange and cooperation across international collaborative research and education by the two organizations, and the liaison office to serve as a center from which NHIU will promote research exchanges and build international research networks with European institutions. Also, to assist NIHU researchers to conduct international collaborative research, fieldworks and research in Europe, NIHU has set up a liaison office on EHESS campus.


  Discussion among the attendees (at EHESS)

A signing ceremony held at EHESS was attended by EHESS President, Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur, Associate Professor Guillaume Carré, and other EHESS researchers. After the signing ceremony, Professor Hiroshi Araki of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies gave a presentation on behalf of NIHU, and Professors Alexander Vovin and Augustin Berque gave presentations on behalf of EHESS to discuss further about the possible collaboration between the two organizations. NIHU Executive Director, Yo-ichiro Sato moderated the session and the two organizations agreed to exchange and share information through avenues such as NIHU Magazine and mailing lists.