Co-creation Outreach Initiatives - NIHU Knowledge Co-creation Projects


In collaboration with NIHU’s institutes and research institutes such as universities, these projects aim to visualize cutting-edge research on human culture through museums and exhibitions as well as build a research promotion model that enhances research through co-creation with academia and society. Moreover, they will promote social co-creation together with NIHU symposiums and other public outreach projects.


NIHU Interactive Museums

A “circulation of knowledge” between universities, other research institutions, and society will be created by using digital technology to prepare materials and data owned by NIHU’s institutions, visualize them through museums and various exhibitions, and share and publish research processes and results by various methods and in various places. In this way, the aim is to build a model for promoting open humanities research through co-creation with various people in Japan and overseas. Moreover, joint research will be conducted to solve communication challenges, such as visual and auditory difficulties, and, based on the results, to develop exhibition methods that support diversity.


Liberal Arts Communicator

In addition to communicating the results of humanities research to society in an easy-to-understand manner by utilizing various media and opportunities such as exhibitions, “Liberal Arts Communicator” will be trained systematically as researchers with skills to pick up on social demands for and responses to research and funnel that back into the research field. As a person who “connects” society and research, he/she will promote social collaboration and co-creation as well as contribute to the promotion and development of the humanities.

Website [Japanese only]

Liberal Arts Communicator Training Program

The aim is to equip participants with three skills required of a Liberal Arts Communicator (1) information gathering and analysis skills, 2) communication and utilization skills, and 3) creativity).

Practical training at the National Museum of Japanese History and the National Museum of Ethnology
Practical training at the Printing Museum, Tokyo (in cooperation with Toppan Inc.)
Collaborative event training at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Planning and lecturing for the collaboration course “Research Communication in Humanities and Social Sciences” together with the University of Tsukuba and the National Museum of Nature and Science
Conducting Liberal Arts Communication Study Groups
Participating in the Co-creation Outreach Initiative “NIHU Interactive Museums”
Participating in Inter-university Research Institute Symposiums, etc.
The Liberal Arts Communicator collaboration project “Liberal Arts for Daily Living.” Including interviews with researchers inside and outside NIHU and with other related parties.
Practical training at MINPAKU. The photo shows the storage room tour
The collaboration lecture “Research Communication in Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Tsukuba Graduate School
Video screenings and talk events at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Training at the Printing Museum, Tokyo
Liberal Arts Communication Study Meetings with Tokyo Chainsaws Co.,Ltd.(conference room of the Hinohara Mura Tourism Association)


NIHU Symposiums

With NIHU at the center, universities and various research organizations collaborate to hold symposiums on the latest results in human culture research. The symposiums are a forum to widely communicate materials and research results NIHU as well as give back to society, while also promoting exchange and mutual understanding among researchers interested in humanities.

Past NIHU Symposiums


Industry-Academia Collaborations

In collaboration with industry and external organizations, social benefits of research results are promoted, and contributions are made to develop academic culture.

Symposium co-hosted with Ajinomoto Foundation for Dietary Culture
Symposium co-hosted with “Japan Forum for the Cultivation of Insight from the Humanities”

Collaboration events [Japanese only]


Public Relations

The web magazine “NIHU Magazine

This is a web magazine that disseminates NIHU research results and activities both in Japan and internationally. It is published regularly in two languages: Japanese and English.

The e-mail magazine “NIHU Newsletter” [Japanese only]

This is an e-mail magazine that provides information on exhibitions, symposiums, and various events. (Sent out about once a month, free of charge.)

Official social media account

It provides the latest information on NIHU and the six institutes.