UK AHRC Chief Executive visits NIHU


The United Kingdom’s Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Chief Executive, Professor Rick Rylance, visited the National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU) in Minato-ku, Tokyo on May 25, 2015. A very genial discussion took place between Professor Rylance, President Narifumi Tachimoto and the NIHU members, to forge even stronger bonds of cooperation between NIHU and the AHRC. International programs between the humanities research institutes of the UK and Japan are expected to grow and prosper even further.

Back row from left: Executive Director, Yo-ichiro Sato, Executive Director, Yuki Konagaya, Special Advisor to the NIHU President, Hitoshi Osaki Front row from left: NIHU President, Narifumi Tachimoto, AHRC Chief Executive, Rick Rylance
A firm handshake between NIHU President, Narifumi Tachimoto (left) and AHRC Chief Executive, Rick Rylance (right)