Portal Site for Japanese Studies

An English Resource guide for Japanese Studies and Humanities in Japan. A portal site designed to provide international information on humanities research in Japan, incorporating details of Japanese humanities resources in English. For the history of the portal site see here.



Advanced Collaboration Systems

To promote research and education of the humanities through the sharing of database resources available in and out of Japan, NIHU, a research organization that accumulates, inherits and creates knowledge related to human culture, launched a project that develops advanced collaboration systems; nihuINT and the Time-Space Analysis System. These tools will allow researchers to perform an instant and comprehensive search of various humanities research databases in just one go. The latest versions of nihuINT was released in March 2017.

nihu Integrated Retrieval System (nihuINT)

Comprehensive search engine for databases operated by the six NIHU institutes as well as organizations such as the National Diet Library and the Center for Integrated Areas Studies, Kyoto University (more than 5.5 million records across over 160 databases as of the end of February 2016). To find out more about the search engine, see here.

Time-space analysis system (GT-Map, GT-Time)

GIS analysis-compatible basic tool for simple analysis of data on time and space.



Researcher's Profiles

Comprehensive database containing information on researchers throughout NIHU.